Which Is Better- Manual Trading Signals Or Robot Forex Trading?


As we have discussed in previous article, “Foreign Exchange” Industry has been in the market for a long time alongside with signal industry.  Signal industry has got highlighted since past decade, especially among busy traders, who keep trading as a side profession.


Companies like Daily Fx signal have helped such traders significantly as they can make profits without investing much of their time and efforts. Yes, that’s right. Inexperienced traders can take benefits through a range of services that provide recommendations to make a decision about trading. These recommendations are actually the signals based on different approaches and sources. The most common services known in the market are the manual trading signals and forex robot trading signals.



As a newbie in forex trading or less experienced trader, it is quite obvious for you to get puzzled between the selection of manual trading signals and robot trading signals.  Here, a short overview of comparison will let you understand your trading needs appropriately and help you make a informed decision in order to avoid any trouble caused.


–>Manual trading signals are the recommendation of experts traders while forex robot trading signals is system generated signals.


–>Manual trading signals are sent through modes like facebook, forex blogs, linkedIn, message, text or phone. Forex robot is an automated process and signals are generated and sent to the software after trader confirms their wish of applying trades.


–>In manual process, companies like Daily Fx Signals are involved while in automation the software provided by any company can allow trading on any platform.


–>Manual signals involve some kind of manual interruption while in automated process, one does not need stay seated in front of the robot unless there is a news in the market.


–>In robot trading, you need to pay a monthly fee to the company while each manual trading signal has a fixed amount of fee charged by the company.


Both approaches go differently in terms of advantages. Automated trading signals, along with all preventative measures, proves itself more effective that of manual trading signals.

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