Crude Oil:-Bears are swimming in the Red blood pool

Aug 16 , 2018


The crude oil has slipped to $64.48 level yesterday and made a multi month’s fresh low as it has breached the uptrend line on the daily chart. Overall it was falling down but after arriving at uptrend line bulls made a counter attack and try to took it upside but it could not sustain above the uptrend line and breached the mentioned line with a strong bearish marabuzo candlestick. Presently crude oil is trading below all the major and minor EMA lines and further downfall is still awaited.

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EUR/GBP:Bulls are heading at year 2018’s fresh high

Aug 8 , 2018


In the last month we have mentioned to buy this pair at 0.8650 level and presently pair is trading at 0.8967 level which bounced almost 300 pips. we are expecting that readers have made smart earning from this fabulous rally. This pair becomes too volatile and heading at 2018 year’s fresh high.The pair is making highers highs and higher lows by taking the support of an uptrend line on daily technical chart.

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