Our major motive is to simplify the concept of Forex trading for beginners as well as for the professionals by offering best profit forex signals in India and signals for commodities, indices, futures and other market products.

Consisting of many years of experience, Daily Fx Signal, has been working as a consulting firm and offering financial risk management services to clients from across the world. We specialize in wide range of services for different markets managing following core domains-

Charting Software Solution

Do you know behind every successful trader there is charting software which helps him to make right decision or trade in right way?


We have robust and advanced software solution that offers multiple features of charting, simplified trading techniques, wide range of technical indicators, high functionality to setup the trading strategies, order placing functions, and further analytics tools for more simplified way of trading.


Along with all these features and full customization, we help day-traders and positional- traders to continue their experience with international financial market. This customized solution lets you determine the pattern to follow for any specific trade.

Robot Trading

Automated trading is the best technique for individuals who wish to trade while being away from the software. The software offered for algo trading in India includes complex mathematical algorithms which examine the market and apply those rules to trade with high profits and low risk results.


We provide best technology and software for algo trading in India in semi and fully automatic modes that let traders to take advantages of advanced level of trading. With good trading-strategies, this algo trading enables our traders to make good profits through the market.


So, all you need to do is getting familiar with the market and its various assets and  adapting skills to simplify trading complexities. Robot trading sometimes denoted as algo trading helps you reach true potential and make more of your efforts.

Manual Trading Signals

We have a team of highly professional and talented individuals working with us. These professionals employ their knowledge, skills, techniques and tricks to provide fruitful and profit forex signals in India to a large number of clients.


Through different modes like WhatsaApp, Gmail, Skype and other approaches we help clients to easily connect with professionals to take advantages from foreign exchange market and trade currency pairs to generate huge profits. Whether Forex indicators, Commodity indicators or Indices indicators, get helped through market-experts and trade smartly.

Account Management Services

The service is functional for individuals with problem of shortage of time that they cannot use forex indicators and watch the market in stead of having interest in trading. We have individuals to manage entire activities of their trading accounts and handle trades appropriately. If you are one among them, we can help you. If you don’t have time to invest in trading and follow profit forex signals or other market’s signals, we are here to help you.


With the access of trading account, you can simply track the trades or efforts of our professionals while managing the account. Market analysis is done by the professionals, trades are applied at the right moment, and accounts are managed carefully to let you have the best friend in trading world. Through account management feature, you have access to really useful strategy that makes trading go in your favor.

Fast and Friendly Customer Support


In trading, you need to get helped with professionals many times a day and therefore, you require company offering fast, friendly, unsurpassed and excellent support. At Daily Fx Signal, we believe offering commendable support either for manual forex indicators, signals for other market, use of software of algo trading in India or other to help customer deal with all kinds of trading-complexities. We assist you with best forex trading strategies and other helpful tips to tackle trading market.



Our professionals are 24*5 available to help you out and answer your queries with the most satisfying replies. We have been helping hundreds of customer from the past and aiming to enlarge the number with customers like you.