Crude Oil:-Bears are controlling the whole game

July 24 , 2018


From past couple of days crude oil making an attempt to upside but due to lack of bullish momentum it is limited to $70 level and now again turned back to downside with strong selling pressure. Crude oil is failure to hold the price above $69 level as bulls seems as weak and bears seems as strong. Yesterday in the morning session the bulls were leading and heading towards the peak of the day but in the last trading hours it slipped to $68.20 level.

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GBP/USD: Bears are controlling the game and heading south

July 20 ,2018


By looking at the daily chart we can see that pair has made a fresh low of year 2018 at 1.2957 level and still seems too weak to move down further. Overall pair is falling down from 1.4376 level to 1.3048 level continuously and pair is making successively lower lows and lower highs on the daily chart. Well pair is heading towards south side and it is a purely downtrend in the pair.

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EUR/GBP:Will receive supply pressure or strong demand?

July 20 , 2018


In our last report in the first week of July we have mentioned that buy this pair at 0.8650 level and we are expecting that readers have made smart earning from this fabulous rally as it has arrived at 0.8950 level. This pair becomes too volatile at there is choppy sessions in EUR/USD or GBP//USD. This pair is known for hedge pair. Well pair is making highers highs and higher lows on the daily technical chart and arrived at 0.8950 level which is a key resistance level.

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