Automated trading in India or Robot trading is a computer-based program with a set of Forex trading signals. The program helps a trader determining the buy or sell of a particular currency pair for a certain point of time. The software excludes the necessity of physical presence of trader for trading activities. The robots are designed to simply exclude the psychological element of trading.


Using the software program can dramatically enhance your experience of trading and help you reaping more from your trading activities. For instance,. if you are a forex broker, using software or forex robot trading in India can fetch you more productive results. You can avail much more convenience by using the software as the experts of the robots take care of your trade and help you make profit even when you do not have much knowledge of trading. Using robot trading is a great way.


Daily Fx Signal provides the best solution for automated trading in India and for forex robot trading in India to clients from different parts. We give you freedom from traditional method of trading which typically includes technical analysis, knowledge of extensive fundamentals and news and also keeping watch to the price chart with our exclusive robot trading software.


Our automated trading in India turns your trading activities into easier, profitable and less risky. It is easy to use EA or robot trading system that lets you make more profit, even when you are an inexperienced or less-experienced trader. Below are some types of strategies our EA software employs to offer you most comprehensive trading benefits and lucrative opportunities to make money from the market-



  • Bollinger Band
  • Moving Average
  • CCI & RSI
  • MACD



  • Martingale
  • Scalping



  • High Breakout
  • Low Breakout
  • Bullish Trend
  • Bearish Trend



  • Multiple Time-Frames
  • Multiple Currencies


Our customized robot trading system fetches you following benefits to enhance your trading experience:

  • Initializing/exiting trades
  • Position management
  • Regular signal generation
  • Automatic trading for 24*5
  • Copying trade on other platform


Our technically automated trading in India software includes decisive strategies and rules ingrained in our system. Your trading decision will automatically be made without your intervention.


Some other benefits of very competitive, technically robust and advanced robot trading system gives you freedom to trade non-stop, remove emotions from trading, and also eliminate trading errors. We make your trading easier than you think. Whether you need forex robot trading in India or robot for indices or commodities, we  cater you the best robot trading software. Daily Fx Signal is the best destination to Just buy robot trading software at quite reasonable fee. For more queries, join our forex forum!